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logging truck

Timber truck: 

     Timber truck is used for round wood transport, the brands of logging trucks including Shacman, Sinotruk etc. Huabang made logging truck trailer is made especially for logging transport. The axles and suspensions that we used are the Fuwa brand, protection for the driving cab is specially designed to protect the driver and transport safety. 

Flatbed logging trailer: 

      Flatbed logging trailer belongs to the flatbed trailer, it's a deform type of flatbed trailers with cartridges on the side of the flatbed trailer, they are removable. With the cartridges, it can be used for the round timber transport, without the cartridges it can be used for wood sheet or container transport with the blockers on the side beam of the flatbed logging trailer. 

Logging truck Chassis: 

      The logging truck chassis is a special type of the logging truck. It is used for short round timber wood transport with the dump truck chassis. The length of the round wood decided which kind of truck chassis will we use. 

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