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Stake Cargo Trailer

stake cargo trailer

Container transport trailer: 

The container transport trailer is also called flatbed trailer. It's used for the 20ft, 40ft, or 45ft container transport on normal roads. The transportability various from 30 ton - 60 ton. Different types of container trailers will be provided according to the requirement. 

Stake cargo trailer: 

Stake cargo trailer is also called drop mess cargo trailer, it's a deform type of flatbed trailer, with the sidewall for the general cargo transporting. The sidewall of the stake cargo trailer is usually 400-600 mm height. The transporting ability for the dropside flatbed semi-trailer is 40-60 ton, if they're special requirements from the customers, the payload can be larger. 

High fence livestock trailer: 

Stake cargo semi-trailer with a high fence of 1600*1800mm is designed for bulk cargo transportation such as goods in the carton or livestock transport.  The stake cargo trailer with high fence is a deformed type of the flatbed trailer. With the high fence stake cargo trailer is able to transport the container too if enlarge the width of the semi-trailer and equip with 12 sets of twist lock.