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Wind energy transport trailers

Wind blade adapter trailer: 

Wind blade adapter trailer is used for mountain road transportation, The wind rotor blade adapter trailer has mainly two parts including the walking trailers and the rotor adapter. The walking trailer is designed according to the modular trailer normally. With different types of blade requirements, we shall take different options. The rotor adapter on the top is designed according to the windmill blade that is provided by the customers.

Extendable blade trailer: 

  The working platform for the windmill blade transport trailer can be extended 3-4 times to meet the different types of windmill blade transportation. The axles for the extendable blade trailer is normal axles with the brand of Yuek. The axles number will be different from 3-4 axles which are equipped with a turntable for its easy turning. 

Wind tower transport trailer: 

The wind tower transport there are normally two types including extendable tower transport trailer and schnabel trailer. And for the schnabel trailer there are double schnabel and half schnabel trailer. All those trailers can be supplied by our company. 

If any of the above trailers needed, please leave us a message, we will provide a suitable trailer for your transportation.